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Phases. Now on DVD!

In "Phases" you'll find Bambi's unique transformation from 'Slutty Bimbo Hooker' to a 'Huge Bellied & Engorged Boobs Expectant Mom'. During the sequences there's LOTS of cosplay, big tit play, hot sex, inflation/expansion, & lactation.

This 35 minute video features:
Belly Expansion, Breast Expansion, Cosplay, Blow Job, "Doggy Style" Sex, BIG Tit Play, and Lactation!

Quantity Price $29.95 each

Got Milk? Now on DVD!

Bambi Blaze is thrilled to present, "Got Milk?" the longest Breast Expansion movie ever produced to date! Bambi is bursting onto the scene with our LACTATING inflation BE prop...yes, it lactates as it inflates! This movie also contains plenty of BIG boob hotness for ALL of you BE Lovers!

This 40 minute video features:
Breast Expansion, Milking Machine, Lactation, BIG tit play, Tit Fucking with Cum Shot, Blow Job, Cosplay, & D/s Play. We're putting the Kink back into our Kink!

Quantity Price $29.95 each

Inflations Spells 1

Hi Sexies BE loving Babes! Can ya believe I've found an antique inflation spell book that kinda works? It's inflated my tits a lil' big, but just not big e'nuff for this girlie! Sooooo...I made up my own inflation spell and now look what I've gone and done!!! My tits have grown so HUGE I can't get out of my bed! Will one of you babes mind giving me a lil' help please?? careful and don't fall in!!!
5 minute run-time. Digitally remastered and is in Full Screen format.

Quantity Price $14.95 each

Tool Transformations
5 minute long Breast expansion movie.

Hi sweeties :-) don't ya'll think yard work can BE such a drag??? Mmmmmmmmm....not this time! My yard boy has a *tool* that just might give you babes a BLOW in more ways than one when you see how hugely ENORMOUS my tits BEgin to swell and pop out of my polka-dot dress! ;-)

Dr Blaze and Miss Bimbo
11 minute Breast Expansion Movie.

Hi Baybees!! OMFG! ;-) I had a blast filming this BE movie! Best way I can describe it is a Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde scenario with an *explosively* HUGE BE blowout with lots of cleavage I'm sure you'll enjoy! My 'Miss Bimbo' HUGE tit slut takes over and I luv it! Many kisses!

Quantity Price $24.95 each

The Preggo Ring
Belly and Breast expansion movie, 11 and a half minutes long

Babes, I'm SO relieved to be back home from...urgh!...must I say it...*whispers*...a baby shower...*shhh*. What is the big friggin', wonderful deal about being preggo?? I hate to not attend and let down my friends cuz I just KNOW these girls secretly wanna look like me. Right?? HA, wrong!! I'm so full of myself I completely miss the preggo point. So, my good friend decides to give me a major attitude adjustment along with a HUGE BELLY MODIFICATION in the form of a 'gift' which I'm delighted to receive knowing I deserve such a beautiful item until...I realize I'm really getting what I deserve in the form of rapid and massive belly expansion! ;-) Enjoy, and hugs for ya!

4.5 min featurette.

Hi Sexies :-) I suppose a 'lil' swelling from a bumble bee sting can be quite normal, right? LOL! Except for when it happens to me! This sting is more like a big Bzzzz BELLY BLOW UP!! But really, when I say big I should be spanked :P because the correct word is H-U-G-E belly blow up! I'm just freaking stunned, and when you babes see it I bet you will be too! Huge belly hugs,

Quantity Price $24.95 each

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